History of Texas 2 Step Wash & Wax:

Texas 2 Step  is an all-organic, waterless wash & wax product that cleans any reasonably non-porous surface including matte and Harley Davidson Denim coatings. It’s environmentally friendly and contains no oils, petroleum distillates, or silicones. A gentle blend of surfactants and wetting agents, when misted or sprayed onto a surface it emulsifies and lifts normal road soils and other contaminants. And it’s simple to use - just spray it on the surface and, depending on the amount of buildup of dust or dirt, leave it for a period of time, then simply wipe away with a clean microfiber towel.


Originally developed by pilot Pat Treon, Texas 2 Step  was designed so that he could safely clean his own aircraft and avoid the recurrent and incredibly high cost of professional washings. A true innovator, he formulated this amazing wash & wax to be able to effectively clean without the use of either inorganic chemicals or even water! With time, he discovered his amazing product also had countless other uses.  It melts brake dust instantly, shines nearly anything chrome, dissolves bugs and bird droppings, and even can be used for any number of household purposes (such as cleaning toilets, bathroom walls, mirrors, windows, and furniture).


Word spread quickly and  Texas 2 Step  “took off” with other aviators and became the go-to product to keep their aircraft clean and looking their best. Then in no time at all, it “landed” in the hands of car and motorcycle enthusiasts as well and was being sold in Harley DavidsonTM   & professional leather shops all across Texas & Oklahoma.


Several years ago when attending an auto show in Dallas, Pat noticed a BD-5 aircraft he used to fly and sell displayed in the exhibit space of Car Wrap City. He noticed the aircraft had been converted from a piston prop to a jet and that it was wrapped with a graphic vinyl wrap which looked really amazing. He struck up a conversation with the owner of Car Wrap City, Scott Bechtel, giving birth to a great partnership.


Together they determined that Texas 2 Step  works beautifully on vinyl wraps, but like most people, Scott fell in love with the way that Texas 2 Step  worked across the board.  So, he began to actively promote the amazing product beyond just the vinyl wrap world.  But after years of a great working relationship with Scott, Pat was ready to slow down. In 2018, Pat turned over control of Texas 2 Step fully to Scott who has now taken over the brand.


Scott insists on honoring Pat’s years of hard work developing the product and building the brand through his legions of underground followers. “I love what Pat created with Texas 2 Step. I want to make him proud and continue his dream of producing a safe and better alternative to traditional cleaning products.” says Scott.  Having reimagined the brand but keeping the original formula, today Scott is poised to expand the brand further to more markets and in wider applications.


“We’ve already expanded into the east coast, as our new distribution center has been located in North Carolina.  And now Texas 2 Step  is a sponsor of the Hennen Motorsports Racing NHRA Top Fuel Car driven by Kebin Kensley.” says Scott.  Kebin, who holds the land and water speed records, not only supports Texas 2 Step, but loves it and uses it as well. In fact, Kebin, a celebrity in the boat racing world, is one of the reasons for the Texas 2 Step   Ship Shape dedicated boat branding.  


The kayak community, traditionally very environmentally-aware, have discovered the product too. They've recognized the organic nature of Texas 2 Step  won’t negatively impact the environment they cherish.  Recently, Texas 2 Step  has received many enthusiastic endorsements from professional kayak tournament fisherman, who feel strongly enough about the product to offer non-paid endorsements. This, once again, proves the basic original intent for Texas 2 Step , to do no harm to God’s earth while performing even better than harsh chemical- and silicon-filled cleaners and waxes.  And being waterless—it saves on that precious commodity as well.


Texas 2 Step : It’s gentle, it works great, it’s organic, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s made in the USA! What more could anyone want?  Texas 2 Step  !